Diego J. Perez




Department of Economics
Stanford University
579 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305
 Email: dperez1@stanford.edu
Phone: (650) 766 5042



  • PhD Candidate in Economics (4th Year) Stanford University Expected completion: June 2015
  • B.A. Economics Universidad de Montevideo, March 2007


Research Fields

  • Primary: Macroeconomics
  • Secondary: Finance and International Finance


Research Experience

2013-14 Research Assistant for Professor Michael Boskin
2013 Research Assistant for Manuel Amador
2012 Researcher at The Brookings Institution for the Latin American Initiative (Summer)
2006-10 Researcher at CERES, a think tank that specializes in the macroeconomic analysis of Latin American economies


Teaching Experience

2013 Teaching Assistant for Macroeconomics (graduate level), Stanford
2012 Teaching Assistant for Micreconomics, Stanford University
2007-08 Instructor of Macroeconomics, Universidad de Montevideo
2005 Teaching Assistant of Mathematical Economics, Universidad de Montevideo
2004 Teaching Assistant of Introduction to Economics, Universidad de Montevideo


Working Papers

  • “Price Dispersion Under Uncertainty About Inflation” (2014), Stanford University Working Paper (joint with Andres Drenik),

    Awarded Landau Prize for Best Student Working Paper 

  • “Sovereign Debt Maturity Structure Under Asymmetric Information” (2013),

    Revision Requested at the Journal of International Economics 


Policy Papers

  •  “Latin America Macroeconomic Outlook: A Global Perspective” (2012) Brookings Institution Report, Washington DC
  • “Policy Trade-offs for Unprecedented Times: Confronting the Global Crisis in Latin America” (2009) (worked as contributor), IADB Report, Washington DC


Presentations at Conferences and Seminars

2013 Recent Advances in Economics, Universidad de Montevideo
2009 CERES Conferences Cycle on Macroeconomic Policies


Awards and Honors

  • Landau Prize for best Student Working Paper (2014), SIEPR, Stanford University
  • Latin American Studies Grant (2013), CLAS Stanford University
  • Stanford H&S Fellowship (2010-11, 2011-12)
  • Fulbright Fellowship (2009)
  • Universidad de Montevideo (2007). Best GPA in the 2007 generation and second best historically since 1996
  • Universidad de Montevideo (2003-2006). Excellence scholarship